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A4L Design Patterns

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The following design patterns have been developed by the A4L Community and are best described as “in development”. We are placing them in draft form so the wider community of researchers can use them.

Please use the following format for citing any of these works:
Author Last Name, Author First Name Initial. (2015). A4L Design Pattern: [NAME OF CONSTRUCT]. Retrieved from

Some ways to can these Design Patterns for your own research:

  • Adapt it for a specific digital learning environment you are working in.
  • Advance the worked example to use a novel analytical technique to measure the non-cognitive construct.
  • Further develop the design pattern to identify other potential observations for the construct in a specific learning environment.

Engaged and disengaged behaviors

Gaming the System, by Ryan Baker
Engagement, by Sidney D’Mello


Productive Persistence, by Andy Krumm and Rachel Beattie: Coming soon!!
Task Persistence, by Kristen DiCerbo
Wheel Spinning, by Mingyu Feng

Affective States

Coming soon!!

Meta-cognition and self-regulation

Choice-based assessments of Design Thinking, by Britte Cheng and Ruchi Bhanot: Coming soon!

Dispositions, Motivations and Mindsets

Coming soon!!

Interpersonal competencies

Collaborative Problem Solving, by Britte Cheng and Ruchi Bhanot: Coming soon!

25 Mar, 15

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