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Got Data? 2015 Data Jam

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This past April, A4L and Learning Games Play Data Consortium (PDC) teamed up to support collaborations among researchers and data mining and analytics experts at a Pre-AERA workshop.

Education researchers now have access to unprecedented amounts and kinds of data. NSF supports efforts to build capacity among researchers to take advantage of these data.

We brought together researchers with data they wanted to wade through, and paired them up with data experts to jump start their analysis.


IMG_0137           IMG_0106

Data guru, Kristen DiCerbo, tweeted a blog post about being a data coach at the event.

The room was full of chatting, typing and coffee!


IMG_0114       IMG_0136

A4L PI Andy Krumm stayed home to welcome his new baby. He was missed, so the gang sent a video ‘wave’…

The teams worked hard!

IMG_0104    IMG_0112

IMG_0110    IMG_0109

Workshop Participants:

Researcher(s) Data Expert
Cathy Tran and Arena Chang Liz Owen
Elizabeth Rowe Luc Paquette
June Ahn and Austin Beck Cynthia D’Angelo
Lauren Penney and Kemi Jona Kristen DiCerbo
Rebecca Cober and Jim Slotta Zachary Pardos
David Weintrop Marcelo Worsley
Jennifer Dalsen, Lauren Wielgus and Craig Anderson Ani Aghababyan
Mimi Recker and Jieun Lee Alex Bowers
Wenliang He Nia Dowell
Alejandro Andrande Michael Horn

And… at the end of the workshop… even though no one wanted to call it quits… teams shared out the work they’d done that day. The work was really impressive.


IMG_0150   IMG_0145

IMG_0144   IMG_0149

IMG_0155   IMG_0161

Britte Cheng, A4L Co-PI, is planning to use June Ahn‘s graph, below, as a pattern for her new kitchen back-splash… beautiful visualizations, indeed!


IMG_0138   IMG_0139

IMG_0168Jim Slotta had the final word of the day. With the amazing Chicago skyline as his backdrop, Jim said that the event should have been multiple days and that sharing our thinking via the A4L design patterns (check some out here) is important for knowledge building across the education research community.  We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to everyone for a great event!  We’ll be working to host more of these kinds of meetings, so stay tuned!

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