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Worked Examples

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Learn more about the value of worked example and what a worked example illustrates.

What do worked examples illustrate?

Worked examples showcase the often implicit side of learning analytics and educational data mining. However, instead of simply providing tutorials in how to run particular statistical and machine learning models, worked examples are aligned with key components of design patterns, including task features, potential rubrics, and measurement models. They are illustrations of how a measure was developed, guided by the measurement argument laid out in a design pattern.

These worked examples demonstrate the linkages between task items, scoring rubrics, and algorithms used to aggregate and analyze data emerging from the tasks so that claims can be made about the students’ knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, processes, or states. Different online learning environments and digital technologies generate large amounts of data on students’ interactions within the learning system, making it possible to track and identify an array of student behaviors and constructs. The goal of the worked example is to make the process of using these data transparent and shareable.

16 Mar, 15

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